The WavesCo Advantage

Why WavesCo?

Since opening the doors in 2000, WavesCo strives to provide exceptional service to small businesses ranging from 1-2 person shops to Fortune 100 Companies. Focusing heavily on small businesses, we value our position as a vested partner. Quite frankly, quick fix methodology and temporary band aids are not in our repertoire. Understanding how your business functions day-to-day allows our team to structure solutions that follow your business vision and avoid untimely surprises lurking around the corner.

We take pride in the many thanks we receive from local business owners who now thrive in their respective vertical. It’s easy to recommend a technology solution;it’s a commitment to provide unique solutions as unique business demands change.

Exceeding the Standard

If you rely on your IT infrastructure to maintain data integrity and protect your business from financial losses, then it’s important to invest in network monitoring and maintenance to achieve compliance with legislated standards.

WavesCo can play an important role in helping you achieve standards compliance and maintain the integrity of your IT infrastructure.  Figuring out how to comply doesn’t have to be complex and expensive. We’re already familiar with the standards and our complete  managed services model enables us to quickly identify any areas of your IT network that are not yet up to standard.

To assess your level of current compliance, we’ll conduct a non-intrusive network scan. The scan focuses on the seven key areas listed below, and is a great way to establish a baseline for making improvements. These seven areas (known as SAS70) have been defined by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants.