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Three Child-Safe Browsers

By David Schnardthorst | Aug 30, 2016

The Internet can be a great learning tool for children; however, it is also home to harmful content that you don’t want your kids to come across. Here is a list of child-safe web browsers that are designed to fully protect children when they surf the web. Kiddle: Kiddle is the child-safe version of Google.…

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Question of the Month

By David Schnardthorst | Aug 26, 2016

Question: What’s the best way to recover a phone after being dropped in water? Answer: If you drop your phone in water, you may just be able to save the day (or your photographs and contacts at least), if you act quickly. Here are five top tips for saving a water-logged mobile. Remove the battery…

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By David Schnardthorst | Aug 26, 2016

VirtualTourist (VT) is a community travel site that publishes user-generated articles about popular travel destinations throughout the world. Each destination has a dedicated page that features information about the demographics of the area together with top tips for travelers, lists of must-do activities, and the lowdown on popular entertainment venues. Unlike many other travel review…

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4 Ways to Avoid Data Breaches

By David Schnardthorst | Aug 23, 2016

In the current era of data, we face an ongoing risk of data loss, be it through hacking or system failures. The data you hold on your computer systems is crucial for your business; as such, it is critical that you protect yourself against data loss. Why should you care about data loss? In addition…

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News Bytes

By David Schnardthorst | Aug 22, 2016

Seagate: Users who require larger storage capacity can now benefit from Seagate’s new 10TB desktop hard drive offerings. Spanning three different products, the Barracuda Pro, the IronWolf and the SkyHawk, the new Guardian series includes the highest capacity consumer hard drives available. The Barracuda Pro 10TB high-performance desktop drive spins at 7,2000 RPM, representing an…

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Three Factors You Should Consider When Choosing a Web Hosting Company

By David Schnardthorst | Aug 16, 2016

With the multitude of web-hosting companies, it can be very difficult to separate the wheat from the chaff. Of the various factors you may consider when choosing a web-hosting provider, three stand out: cost, support, and protection against malware. Cost The cost of web hosting can range from zero (with a domain name purchase or…

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The Benefits of Using a Network Proxy Server

By David Schnardthorst | Aug 15, 2016

One way to reduce the risks associated with business Internet activities is to use a network proxy server. A proxy server can be considered as the guardian of your network. It sits between your internal and external network servers and works to filter and monitor incoming and outgoing traffic. What do Proxy Servers Do? Caching:…

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Is Your Business Due for an IT Assessment?

By David Schnardthorst | Aug 12, 2016

It is critical for businesses to conduct thorough IT assessments regularly so they can identify security violations, monitor performance, and document network developments. IT Assessments can also help firms to ascertain the ways in which technology can enhance productivity and improve profitability. IT assessments can be executed using various approaches; however, regardless of what method…

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The Top Three Social Media Risks for Businesses

By David Schnardthorst | Aug 10, 2016

Social media networking is great for businesses; however, far too many organizations focus on its benefits without giving a second thought to the security risks associated with its use. Make sure you are fully aware of the threats that are out there, so it’s not your business that winds up on the receiving end of…

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