Email Security & Spam Protection

WavesCo’s email security and compliance solution is a cloud-based email security service that provides protection against inbound and outbound spam, viruses, phishing attacks and other forms of email-borne malware, denial of service (DoS) attacks, directory harvesting attacks (DHA), and other exploits.

In addition to the robust email security features, WavesCo’s email security and compliance solution provides the encryption, and archiving necessary to meet today’s compliance requirements.

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Email Security Benefits

  • Blocks spam and viruses, reduces bandwidth consumed by malware. On outbound, prevents the customer’s IP address from getting blacklisted.
  • Should the mail server crash or suffer a power outage, no email will be bounced or lost. It will spool automatically for 10 days. Unlimited storage!
  • Simplifies end user self-service. Reduces SPAM-related tickets by 90%, allowing the users to make decisions on whom to block and whom to allow.


  • Create an unlimited number of variants of a users email address, in a specified format, when registering on a website, signing up for a newsletter, etc.
  • AOTF guarantees that email from desired senders will arrive in your inbox and not get caught in a spam filter or quarantine folder
  • AOTFs provide an insulating layer of protection for your primary address.
  • AOTFs enable you to identify parties that may be sharing or selling your email address, or whose address book may have been compromised
  • Disabling an AOTF provides a very safe and convenient way of “unsubscribing” from a sender’s future communications.

Email Encryption Services

Policy-Based Encryption Service

  • Centralized, policy-based email encryption for regulatory compliance
  • Automated content scanning of messages and attachments, providing transparent encryption for your company’s email senders
  • Ability to encrypt, reroute or block emails based on your company’s policy
  • “Push” recipient delivery method – sending an encrypted email directly to a recipient’s inbox and enabling secure read, reply and forward capability

Secure Message Portal

  • “Pull” recipient delivery method including custom branding based on your company’s needs
  • Hosted and maintained in SysTrust-certified and SAS-70 type II accredited Data Center
  • Encrypted read, reply and save capabilities for recipients
  • Secured compose capability for your business partners, customers, members, patients, etc.

Hosted Email Archiving

  • Policy-based retention; email cannot be edited, modified or deleted once it’s in the archive; helps partners respond to legal requests and audits such as SEC, FINRA and HIPAA
  • Automatically archives a copy of all incoming, outgoing, and internal email in a secure, encrypted repository — indefinitely or retention-based.
  • Powerful search capabilities through a simple user interface.
  • Continuous on-demand access to email from any location. In the event of any internal network or server outages, users can access messages via any browser or Outlook plug-in and continue email communication without any down-time, mail queuing, or sender bounce-back messages.