GPS Vehicle Tracking Solutions

The transportation industry is the backbone of America, but that doesn't come without complexities such as tracking vehicles, compliance with the various regulations and managing the maintenance of your fleet. If you are looking for a simple and affordable solution that will help you to reduce fuel costs,improve driver safety and increase driver productivity then Linxup is for you.

What is Linxup

Linxup is an affordable and robust GPS tracking solution that is so simple to use that most customers never even request training. Linxup has a top-rated Customer Support team and provides two different device options based on your needs.

  • Linxup Plug OBD device for light to medium duty vehicles
  • Linxup 3-Wire device (ignition, power & ground)

What you get

  • The ability to track drivers in real-time
  • Monitor speeding, idling, safe driving and more
  • Review driver history on a Google map
  • Create geofences
  • Timely alerts for unauthorized use, speeding, device tampering and more
  • Generate driver report cards
  • The ability to review fleet activity at a glance
  • Optional IFTA reporting

Need more information

If you would like more information we are here to help.

Why GPS Vehicle Tracking

Reduce fuel costs

  • Eliminate wasteful idling
  • Reduce speeding
  • Eliminate unauthorized vehicle use
  • Eliminate unnecessary routes
  • Leverage detailed reports on idling, stops and trip activity

Improve driver safety

  • Monitor key driving behaviors: speeding, harsh braking and fast starts
  • Receive a daily report card rating each driver's safety performance
  • Manage and review the driver safety trends for each driver and your fleet

Increase driver productivity

  • Identify the closest available driver to any customer
  • Reduce inefficient routing
  • Increase the number of trips a driver can do in a day
  • Monitor and report on times worked
  • use details reports to coach drivers on their activity

Are you ready to get started?

Go Beyond Tracking with LinxupPlus

If you are looking to take your team to the next level, Linxup Plus adds some powerful workforce tools to their GPS tracking solution. Integrated field management expands the power of the Linxup GPS and leverages smartphones to dispatch and track jobs, improve communication and track and report on actual time worked.

Job Dispatch - Keep Workers Engaged

The LinxupPlus Dispatch tools extend the power of Linxup to your workers’ smartphones. Dispatch jobs directly to your workers and track
the progress of each job in real time.

Driver Messaging - Stop Searching

LinxupPlus gives you integrated messaging between you and all your drivers. Send broadcast messages or send messages to groups or individual drivers.

Time Tracking. Time Worked = Time Paid

LinxupPlus gives you built-in time reporting that lets you report time matched to GPS tracking data. Supplement or replace your existing timecard solution to ensure that time worked matches time paid.

Driver-ID and Reporting

Gain greater insights by tracking and reporting on the performance of individual drivers. LinxupPlus shows you each driver’s activity, even if they switch vehicles frequently.

Fuel Card Integration - Save on Fuel

Want to integrate your fuel card data with your Linxup GPS data? Through our partnership with Comdata, you can verify fuel reporting and better manage fuel usage and expense.

Sensor/PTO Usage Tracking

LinxupPlus allows you to report on the power activity for any type of digital input on your vehicles such as Power Take Off (PTO), tow arms, lift gates, pumps and more.

“I wish I had Linxup five years ago. I lost four accounts worth a total of about $80,000 because guys didn't show up and do their job. The potential business I lost was even higher, because I lost relationships with clients who owned multiple properties.”

- Patrick Ailster
Tri-County Power Sweeping