Business Continuity

It's not just your data, it's your business

Business Continuity is all about reducing the impact of a catastrophic data loss.  Sure, you can restore individual files, but the ability to restore an entire server, or environment, in the cloud in minutes, so you can reduce the impact of a catastrophic loss, that's where the real value is.

WavesCo has two levels of business continuity.  Both share similar benefit such as local and cloud storage of your backup images and the ability to recreate your environment in the cloud in case of a catastrophic disaster. Our premium level business continuity solution utilizes a local appliance to allow for the quickest possible recovery time, for when seconds count.

Who Qualifies For A Network Assessment?

  • Any business that has at least one server (Windows 2003 or higher).
  • You must be in the St. Charles or St. Louis area.

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How Does the Backup and Disaster Recovery (BDR) Appliance Work?

The BDR software periodically creates image-based backups of the backed-up server at pre-configured intervals (Usually every 15 minutes)

The backup images are automatically backed up locally to the on-site BDR appliance.

The backup images are then transferred automatically to the WavesCo IT Storage Cloud.

What Happens When My Server Crashes

Accidental File Deletion

In addition to full images, recover individual files, folders, and Exchange items (emails, attachments, mailboxes) in moments.

Server Hardware Failure

The on-site BDR appliance is leveraged for on-site virtualization of the impacted servers, restoring full operation to the business within minutes.

Catastrophic Fire or Flood

Multiple recovery options exist, one such option is the WavesCo IT Continuity Cloud which allows servers to be virtualized in WavesCo’s cloud for continued business operations even in the face of total disasters.

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