Take Control of Your IT Budget

24×7 Network Monitoring and Proactive Maintenance

WavesCo IT uses industry-leading software with years of customization to provide the most accurate network monitoring possible. We monitor not only your servers, but your routers, switches, and desktops too.

Preventative maintenance is the secret to keeping technology running optimally and avoiding expensive down time and data loss.

We monitor your network 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. When an issue arises, WavesCo IT technicians and engineers are automatically alerted and work remotely to resolve your issues. More often than not, we reach out to you to let you know that the problem has been resolved before you even had a chance to notice anything was wrong.

All New Partnerships Start With A Network Assessment

At no cost or obligation, we’ll come on site to perform a complete network assessment to see if your network is properly maintained for maximum speed, security, and performance. We’ll look for hidden problems like spyware, failing hard drives, or out-of-date security patches, as well as check your network’s security, system back ups, and other critical maintenance issues that can turn into extended downtime and expensive repair bills.

Who Qualifies For A Network Assessment?

  • Any business that has at least one server (Windows 2003 or higher).
  • You must be in the St. Charles or St. Louis area.

Schedule Your Free Network Assessment

Is your network and all of your PCs, servers, laptops, tablets and smartphones secure and capable of continuing to support your growing business needs?

 Our Free Assessment Will Give You The Insights You’re Looking For.

Our Proactive Managed Services Include

Real-Time Monitoring and Alerting

24/7 monitoring of your network ensures all of the critical devices that comprise your small business network are healthy and functioning reliably and optimally. WavesCo Engineers are alerted in real time when a possible issue arises withing your network.

Cloud File Server

You have the option to securely store, share, and work with documents anywhere you have internet access. Not only with your internal team, but also with external collaborators. With enterprise level security, you decide who accesses which files.

Secure Email

O365 Essentials provides your team with enterprise level email, calendaring, and tasks.  WavesCo IT combines this with our email security and spam protection to minimize your risk and improve your productivity.

Managed Antivirus Protection

Stop wasting your valuable and scarce IT resource time and energy on the selection, testing, planning, deployment, updating and reporting of your Anti-virus software.

24/7 Help Desk

Remote IT support is only a phone call away. WavesCo’s Helpdesk is staffed 24/7 and designed to deliver remote support that solves our client’s problems on the first call the vast majority of the time.

Proactive Maintenance and Patching

After hours-maintenance and patching of your network is key to having it function optimally. Regularly scheduled maintenance and patching is vital in preventing major issues, optimizing performance, and minimizing security risk..