Three Child-Safe Browsers

The Internet can be a great learning tool for children; however, it is also home to harmful content that you don’t want your kids to come across.

Here is a list of child-safe web browsers that are designed to fully protect children when they surf the web.

  • Kiddle: Kiddle is the child-safe version of Google. This bright and colorful browser displays search results in large attractive fonts that young readers find easy to read. The top three search results are those that Google’s content editors believe contains text that is safe and specifically written for children. The next four are also safe and are easy to read, but may not have been targeted explicitly at kids. Search results 8 and above are predominantly adult-focused websites, but still contain information that may be of use to kids.
  • KidSplorer: KidSplorer is a database of websites that have been identified as child safe. However, parents can also adjust the browser settings to have further control over what information their children access. The browser offers additional features such as a handy timer, so you can limit how much time your kids spend online, and the ability to prevent children from opening any other browsers.
  • Pikluk: Pikluk offers both an Internet browser and an email system that are child friendly and child safe. Parents can decide which sites their children have access to and who they can exchange messages with. However, one downside to the system is that parents need to individually authorize every single website and email address. This is not ideal, if you want your children to learn how to conduct online searches.

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