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Information Technology projects have changed dramatically over the years, whereas tasks like fixing a broken computer, and throwing together a new Network are just the tip of the iceberg.  In today’s technology-driven world, regardless of size and position in the market, business owners attempt to wrap their brain around critical needs such as Data Security, Network Architecture and Hardware Optimization.

Why a Consultant?

Perspective.  Making educated technology decisions defines business success in today’s competitive world.  For larger companies, one wrong move can equal millions in lost productivity, hardware failure and potential security breach.  For smaller businesses and start up companies, technology guesswork is the fine line between closing the doors and establishing a creative edge in the market.

In recent years, consultants were approached to handle large projects and isolated internal affairs such as staff augmentation. Emerging technology trends, tight budgets and extreme competition place gravity on the very essence of the technology foundation.  Does the existing infrastructure even make sense?  Does it support the current Business Model, or does it handcuff vision?  A successful consultant can instantly diagnose each unique challenge and cost-effectively solution for for that unique environment.  Let’s face it…One size doesn’t fit all when it comes to technology solutions!

Why WavesCo?

Since opening the doors in 2000, WavesCo strives to provide exceptional service to businesses ranging from 1-2 person shops to Fortune 100 Companies.  Focusing heavily on small businesses, we value our position as a vested partner.  Quite frankly, quick fix methodology and  temporary band aids are not in our repertoire.  Understanding how your business functions day-to-day allows our team to structure solutions that follow your business vision and avoid untimely surprises lurking around the corner.

We take pride in the many thanks we receive from local business owners who now thrive in their respective vertical.  It’s easy to recommend a technology solution…it’s a commitment to provide unique solutions as unique business demands change

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